The Amazing Race Saratoga Springs

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The Amazing Race is being postponed until the Spring of 2018.  Check back for the dates!

The Event

The 2nd Annual Amazing Race is a Footrace beginning at the Canfield Casino and ending at the Thirsty Owl Wine Outlet.  Competitors complete missions based to find historic sites in the City of Saratoga Springs for prizes and FUN!   RAIN OR SHINE!

 The Rules

  • You and your teammates must complete 9 of 11 historic missions located throughout Saratoga Springs.
  • This is a foot race!  No cars, bikes or other modes of transportation are allowed.
  • Teams must be between 2 and 4 members.
  • You cannot open your packet until after you have crossed the starting line.
  • You must take a picture at each site with all of your team members excluding the one team member taking the photo.  You are not allowed to divide your team and complete missions separately.
  • Make sure your teammates holds your team number sign in each photo to verify completion of that mission

The Finish Line

  • After you’ve completed 9 photo missions correctly, run to the finish line at The Thirsty Owl at 184 South OwlBroadway.  Race members with proof of age will receive a complimentary glass of wine at The Thirsty Owl finish line after you have checked in
  • Here we will look over your photos to see if you’ve completed all missions correctly and determine your place in the competition

The Details

  • Check in with your team at the Saratoga Springs History Museum between 10:00 and 10:30
  • At 10:30 there will be brief presentation on the George S. Bolster Collection of historic photos and a display of photos for sale
  • At 10:40 You will be given instructions about the race and an opportunity to ask any questions.
  • At 10:50 all packets will be handed out.  You may not open packet to look at the missions until AFTER the race has started at 11:00 am.
  • At 11:00 the race will begin right outside the Canfield Casino


The PrizesTo Enter The Amazing Race, use the drop down buttons below to register.  When you check out, list the names and contact information of your team members in the instructions to seller box. You will receive an email confirmation within one working day of your payment.  You can also register in person at the History Museum to pay by check or cash.  Click here to download a copy of the rules! 2017 Amazing Race Flyer 

Good Luck Racers!

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