The Alfred Z. Solomon Program Series

 The 2014 Program schedule and the Alfred Z. Solomon Charitable Trust Program Series

All programs are in the Canfield Casino unless noted




Thursday, July 3, 6 – 8pm

Opening of the Exhibit Vice: The Darker Side of Saratoga Springs

Come to the party for the opening of our newest exhibit. When did organized crime first come to Saratoga Springs? Where did it operate? How did rum running effect the city how did it all end? All these questions will be answered in this show. The opening will feature complimentary  beer and soft drinks , Saratoga Chips and other Saratoga Springs inventions.  Admission is free however donations are suggested.








Wednesday, July 23, 7pm 

The History of the Saratoga Chip

Presented by Alan Richer

Alan Richer is an expert on the history of the chip and one of the country’s foremost collectors of memorabilia related to the chip. He will discuss the history of this tasty treat and how it has become one of the nation’s most popular snack foods. There is a lot of myth, folklore and legend associated with the invention that developed into a multi-billion dollar industry.  However, there is strong consensus that it was invented by one or more of three family members (a brother, sister and brother in-law) in Saratoga who were each part Native American.

Alan has been collecting “Saratoga Chip” memorabilia for many years since he learned that his summer home is located a very short distance from the purported birthplace.   His collection is comprised of numerous items including bags, tins, machinery, ads, and photos of manufacturing plants, workers and delivery vehicles that all document the use of the term “Saratoga Chips.”  They document the spread of the invention across the country and into Canada during the past 160 years, including the story of several very large companies that started by selling Saratoga Chips.

The presentation highlights include Alternative Origins of the Chip and who the players were, the facts and myths behind the chip.   Alan will discuss his vast collection including the history of it and how the chip’s popularity expanded geographically. Alan was featured on NBC Sports on September 1, 2012 and has also been featured in newspaper articles.


August Keynote Lecture in Partnership with the

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame

To be Annnounced 

Wednesday, September  24, 7pm

Urban Renewal Part III

Presented by Supervisor Matthew E. Veitch

Matthew E. Veitch, Supervisor of the City of Saratoga will present the third program in a series he has prepared on the History of Urban Renewal and it changed neighborhoods in Saratoga Springs.



Thursday, October 30 7pm

 The Annual Meeting of the Historical Society

The Notorious Benedict Arnold

Presented by Alfred Z. SolomonCharitable trust Keynote Speaker Steve Sheinkin

Steve Sheinkin  a Newberry Award Winning author and Finalist for the National book award.  Has been writing youth novels since 2008 and will lecture on his book Thee  Notorious Benedict Arnold.  this is a  non-fiction action/thriller based on  many years of research, and travels to all  the places Arnold lived, fought, and drove his fellow Americans crazy.


 Saratoga Springs History Hall of Fame Inductions

2014 Inductees and the Date in November to be Announced