Staff and Board



Executive Director                  James D. Parillo

Bolster Collection Curator     John Conners

Exhibition Curator                  Michael Levinson

Archivist                                    Agnes Hamberger

Board of Trustees and Affiliations

President, Nathaniel Bette                First Columbia LLC

Vice President, Aaron Mensh           Couch White, Attorney at Law

Vice President, Charlie Kuenzel      Retired Educator

Secretary, Abigail Crotty                  Saratoga Springs High School

Judy Meagher, Treasurer                Retired, Saratoga Regional YMCA

Past-President, John Pecora          Saratoga Regional YMCA

Tom Burns                                          Retired, Banking

Josh Cupp                                           The Thirsty Owl Wine Outlet

Leigh Hornbeck                                  The Times Union

Kyle Hughes                               

Edward Lenz                                       Adirondack Trust Company

Eric Morser                                          Skidmore College

Greg Veitch                                         Chief of Police, City of Saratoga Springs

Maddy Zanetti                                    Impressions of Saratoga